How to Wire a Light Switch from a Fused Spur

Just how to Wire a Light Switch from a Fused Spur
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Can you spur a light off an outlet?

Can you spur off a fused spur?

Can you alter a fused spur to an outlet?

What is a fused spur used for?

Adding light switch from a plug outlet?|DIYnot Forums ‘Discussion forums ‘Just how to … ‘Electrics UK
17 Oct 2010 – 12 posts – 6 writers

I have a plug outlet that i want to wire to a light switch that ive just put in … either fit a switched fused spur system, which will work as the light switch.
Can I link a light switch to an existing plug outlet
9 blog posts
26 Feb 2013
Spur off a socket to feed a little lights circuit
14 posts
19 Jan 2010
Wiring 2 lights utilizing fused spur from socket
9 articles
28 Mar 2005
circuitry lighting type socket utilizing 5amp fused spur …
13 messages
25 Jan 2011
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Electrical wiring a light switch in an out structure – Concern & Answer Board … ‘… ‘Question & Response Board
14 Nov 2008 – 7 blog posts – 5 writers

I was really hoping there is a means of circuitry a solitary light as well as switch into the workplace utilizing … operating the turn on the fused spur will certainly turn the light on.
Electrical wiring regs – two light buttons from fused spur(?) for garage … ‘Conversation Discussion forum
My garage is presently lit from a what resemble a fused, switched spur to a ceiling increased. I want to change it with two buttons (actually draw cord ones), at either …
IET Forums – Light spur from outlet – The IET ‘online forums ‘online forum ‘messageview
16 Jan 2007 – 20 messages – 7 writers

When you say fused spur – will among those fused spur switches perform with the appropriate ranked fuse? … a lights spur off from it – would one fused switch not be sufficient? … What you can’t do is use 2.5 and install a dual socket!
Adding a Fused Spur To A Spured Socket
20 messages
9 Jul 2005
Spur from a lights circuit??
20 messages
13 Dec 2007
Rookie seeking recommendations on shed wiring in …
20 posts
21 Dec 2017
Can you spur off a stove circuit?
11 blog posts
20 Jun 2006
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I have a light spuring off a plug socket (through a fuse). What dimension … ‘inquiries ‘i-have-a-light-spuring-off-a-plu …
6 answers

because of the fact you have spur switch fuse optimum 13amps so a max of 1.5 csa … mm, again it depends of kind of electrical wiring, though i would certainly not worry to much about it. … After fused spur you can run 1.5 sqmm cable television but if it will be simply one light …

Exactly how To Set Up A Fused Spur – Sockets & Switches ‘content ‘How-To-Install-A-Fused- …
Just how To Install A Fused Spur. Circuitry representation for a Fused Spur … Remove the existing outlet or switch from the wall (if changing). Get rid of any plaster debris …

Adding a switch to a plug socket|Screwfix Area Discussion Forum ‘… ‘Electricians’ Talk
4 Mar 2010 – I wish to include a normal single light switch to a dual plug socket so. … You might fit a switched/fused/spur by the door, wire that off the 30 Amp …
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